This Might be Good

Performed by:Angela Predhomme Written by:Angela Predhomme Buy on iTunes © 2009 Come Shine Music, SESAC

The Proposal

Performed by:Zach Strout Written by:Zach Strout Courtesy of:Backroom Records © 2010 Zach Strout

Out on the Vine

Performed by:John O'Connell Written by:John O'Connell Buy Track © 2008 John O'Connell


Performed by:Buried in Mexico Written by:Buried in Mexico © 2008 Buried in Mexico


Performed by:Joshua Ferrara
Chris Dagger
Jack Outred
Written by:Joshua Ferrara &
Chris Dagger
© 2009 3BobNation

You Can't Keep Up

Performed by:Bradley Say Written by:Bradley Say &
Lawrence Hobbs


Performed by:Daniel Joseph Written by:Daniel Joseph From the album A New Day
© 2010 Daniel Joseph

A Lie Worth Living

Performed by:Nathaniel Carroll and
The Party Line
Written by:Nathaniel Carroll © 2011 Nathaniel Carroll

Hold On

Performed by:Paul Keogh Written by:Paul Keogh Courtesy of:Paul Keogh Publishing © 2011 Paul Keogh

Stay There

Performed by:Electric Skies Written by:Alford/Boult/Napper/Piper Courtesy of:Electric Skies © 2010 Electric Skies

Accident Waiting to Happen

Performed by:Becky Rash Written by:Becky Rash Courtesy of:Sleepy Ginger Publishing © 2009 Sleepy Ginger Publishing